Idukki Reservoir

Nature lies here in a standstill in all her majesty. Periyar, the queen among the rivers, nestles here amid the bewitching wilderness of forests and mountains. Get on a boat and explore the endless contours of this gorgeous water stretch - the Idukki reservoir.

The Idukki dam, named after the district where it is located in Kerala, stands amid two mountains - Kuravanmala and Kurathimala. Legend has it that, kuravan and kurathi, a tribal couple, was once cursed by Lord Rama that turned them into stone. The poor couple pleaded to him for mercy telling that they have never lived a life in separation. The benevolent Lord promised that they will be together forever. There came two hillocks Kuravan and Kurathi opposite each other with River Periyar flowing between them. When an arch dam was built there, the locals embraced it as the fulfillment of Lord Rama's promise, because it connected the two hillocks evermore.

The boat cruise in the reservoir starts from Nellikkappara at Kulamavu. Try the local food joints at Kulamavu that serves some delicious food items like tapioca, appam (rice pancake), fish curry, fish pickle and many more. It would be better if you could buy some food for the trip from here since there are no eateries en route after Kulamavu.

The journey will take three hours to complete. Starting from Kulamavu the cruise will take us close to the dam area and will terminate at the Cheruthoni dam. Keep your eyes on the fringes, because there is a chance of sighting elephants and other wild animals including wild gaurs, sambar and deers. Advance booking is needed for a boat cruise. During the peak seasons speed boat services are also available for the public

No online boat booking available for this location