Madupetty Dam Pedal Boating Centre, Munnar

Madupetty is among the most visited destinations in the tourist hotbed of Munnar. It is a beautiful picnic spot that regularly attracts visitors. People love visiting the dam and lake here and families can regularly be seen enjoying a fine afternoon in the area. The view of the valley from here is breath-taking and one gets to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

The lush green tea plantations and forests in and around Madupetty are ideal for trekking and host a large number of unique bird species.The popular activities at this destination is water sport like Pedal boating Water scooter available here. The drive up the location itself is cherished by all who embark upon it, as the mist-covered valleys rising to meet you are a truly awe-inspiring sight.

You can visit the dam in the winter season from October to February if you want to enjoy the mist-covered vistas of the surrounding hills.On the other hand, if you are looking for clear blue skies and picture-perfect scenery, then the months of June and July are the best time of the year to visit the dam. During this time of the year, the mist vanishes and you can see the stark green and blue contrast of the scenery. Everything has a clean, washed-out look and is the perfect time to capture some stunning photographs.

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