Idukki Reservoir

Nature lies here in a standstill in all her majesty. Periyar, the queen among the rivers, nestles here amid the bewitching wilderness of forests and mountains. 

The Idukki dam, named after the district where it is located in Kerala, stands amid two mountains - Kuravanmala and Kurathimala. Legend has it that, kuravan and kurathi, a tribal couple, was once cursed by Lord Rama that turned them into stone. The poor couple pleaded to him for mercy telling that they have never lived a life in separation. The benevolent Lord promised that they will be together forever. There came two hillocks Kuravan and Kurathi opposite each other with River Periyar flowing between them. When an arch dam was built there, the locals embraced it as the fulfillment of Lord Rama's promise, because it connected the two hillocks evermore.


Idukki & Cheruthoni Dams are opened to the public from 01/02/2023 to 31/05/2023 as per Government Order except on Wednesdays and the days when water is to be released from the dam.

                                                                                     for more information: contact No: 0486 2297570

Attention: The centre will be closed on 7 & 8th February 2023, due to inspection by the Central Department.



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